Eiji x Yoriie - Part one
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The first time Eiji ever saw Yoriie sleep was a night he would never forget. You would think that seeing someone who had horrible luck at falling asleep finally sleep would be a happy moment, but no, for Eiji it was everything but happy. Yoriie tossed and turned in his sleep. Even while being unconscious he couldn’t stay still. Eiji watched him closely, noting every small detail. Things like Yoriie’s tensed muscles, the way his brow was drawn down and his lips twitched into a frown. As the minutes passed Yoriie’s movements became desperate as he gripped the sheets tightly and whimpered under his breath. Eiji noticed the first tears slide down Yoriie’s cheeks before shaking his shoulders violently.

“Yoriie… Hey! Wake up!”

Yoriie shot up, almost colliding into Eiji, and panted heavily. His eyes darted around frantically as his mind tried to pull him back to reality which was proving to be difficult. Bringing a hand up to his face and wiping the tears away, Yoriie stared at his hand dumbfounded and surprised before looking back to Eiji confused. Eiji studied Yoriie’s face as he reached out and grabbed his wrist as a means to help Yoriie calm down. Making physical contact seemed to break the dam that had been holding the tears back within Yoriie. He tore his hand out of Eiji’s grasp and flung himself at Eiji, wrapping his arms around him tightly before burying his face in the crook of Eiji’s neck.

Eiji spent the rest of the night in that position, never once letting go of Yoriie.

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It was the first day of academy that Eiji first saw Yoriie. Everyone had gone outside for lunch, running after each other in the warm summer sun, pretending they were already great shinobi – except for one kid. Yoriie was sitting against a wall in the shade with his knees pressed to his chest and his hands on either side of his head. Although Eiji was quite far away from him, he could still hear Yoriie whispering to himself. He wasn’t the only one who noticed for mere seconds later a small group of boys had walked up to him and were pestering him. Yoriie stayed sitting on the ground as he looked up at the others and explained that he was talking to the “people in his head.” It was silent for a moment before everyone started laughing while pointing at Yoriie, calling him weird. Eiji watched Yoriie shrink in on himself as he frowned.

It wasn’t long until one of the older boys started to pull Yoriie up from the ground and push him into the center of the group. They continued to tease him as they pushed him around, chanting loudly to draw the attention of others as the older boy who had started it all stood nearby and laughed before a thick book flew through the air and hit the back of his head. Everyone stopped and turned their attention to the boy as he sat on the ground, rubbing the back of his head as tears ran down the sides of his face. Eiji picked up his book and stared down at the boy.

“Not only are you a pathetic excuse of a human being, but your head is empty, too. I bet everyone could hear how hollow it is as my book hit it!”

Needless to say, Eiji spent that afternoon cleaning all the blackboards in the academy after class. Not only that, but he had also made a new friend; one he would regret making on several occasions.

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Over the next few years Eiji and Yoriie became somewhat close. Eiji always went off on his own during his free time, climbing the highest trees he could find to read in peace. It would always be silent, save for the sounds of nature, before Eiji heard branches snapping followed by halfhearted cursing. He would sigh loudly before closing his book and looking down to see Yoriie trying and failing to climb up.

Years later it was much different. Now Eiji could climb the tallest tree in the world and Yoriie would be right beside him in seconds without making a single sound to give himself away. Sometimes Eiji resented him for his talent of going around and being unnoticed. It seemed like Yoriie moved around unnoticed constantly, which was ironic since he couldn’t seem to stand still for five seconds. His non-stop twitching was a habit that Eiji hated with every fibre of his being. He could not stand it. There had been many situations where Eiji had come close to blowing a cap from the nervous fidgeting he seemed to see out of the corner of his eyes all the time, even when Yoriie wasn’t present. The times he had managed to ask Yoriie to stay still were all in vain seeing as Yoriie only managed to do so for less than a minute before twitching violently again without noticing it. Over time Eiji had gotten used to it, or more like forced himself to get used to it. He knew Yoriie couldn’t help himself. It was a side effect from not being able to sleep.

After graduating the academy and being put into a group with Yoriie and a girl named Raiko Dairuko, Eiji noticed Yoriie’s condition worsen. Yoriie always had dark rings around his eyes, he was very sickly and thin looking from afar and his immune system was very weak. All it took for Yoriie to fall ill for weeks was standing close to someone with a cold. Sometimes he would end up in the hospital, making Eiji worry until he nearly pulled his hair out. Of course he never told Yoriie this. There was no way he could ever tell him something as trivial as this to the twitchaholic.

During their missions Eiji was always healing Yoriie’s wounds. Raiko would jump at the opportunity to take offensive. It was obvious that Raiko loved to speed forward and beat their foes into next week, but Eiji knew that she was also doing it to keep Yoriie away from the main fight, to protect him. While keeping Yoriie occupied with the healing, Eiji would nod toward Raiko, thanking her. She would return the gesture with a smile before cracking a joke to lighten the mood. Eiji would watch Yoriie laugh and would always feel his chest tighten at the sight. He wished things could stay like this forever, but he knew eventually things would change. Eventually their team would outgrow themselves, forcing them apart. The mere thought made Eiji’s stomach clench. What would happen to Yoriie without him there to heal him? Yoriie’s lifeless body lying on the ground flashed through his mind, making him flinch and his eyes widen.

Yoriie noticed Eiji’s odd behavior as the soft green glow around his hand dissipated. He looked up at Eiji’s face and saw an expression he had never seen Eiji wear before. Feeling slightly intimidated by Eiji’s sudden change of expression and aura, Yoriie slowly reached up and placed a hand on his shoulder to jog him out of his thoughts. “Eiji?”

Hearing his name being called by the person who was lying lifeless on the ground within his mind made his heart ache as he snapped back to reality. He grabbed Yoriie’s hand that was on his shoulder and held it tightly as he stared at Yoriie’s confused and concerned face. He saw Yoriie wince as his grip tightened before he loosened his hold and rubbed Yoriie’s wrist as an apology. Suddenly Eiji noticed how soft Yoriie’s skin was. He had expected the opposite from someone so thin and sickly. And he was so warm! He had the sudden urge to press Yoriie’s hand to his face, to nudge his face against his palm and let him know that everything would be okay, but he was brought back to the moment once more when Yoriie called his name again, this time with a more confused tone than before. Eiji turned his attention to Yoriie’s face. His eyes darted around to unconsciously count all the new scrapes and bruises.

Everyone is always hurting you, always leaving marks on you. Eiji gritted his teeth together. And I’m always the one healing those marks… Maybe I want to hurt you for once!

Eiji froze and let Yoriie’s wrist fall from his hands as he looked off to the side away from him. He stood up and started sealing all of his equipment back into his scrolls in silence, ignoring Yoriie’s questions.

“Eiji? What’s wrong? Y-you okay?”

After sliding his sash back over his chest and fastening his scrolls into place, Eiji looked over his shoulder to connect his gaze with Yoriie’s before answering, “It’s nothing.”

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Eiji sat outside of a building with a book nearly pressed against his face. Those passing by would believe the he was engrossed in his book to the point where he wanted to leap into it, but that was actually the opposite. He was actually waiting for Yoriie to finish up his routine check up with several medical shinobi from the village. They were long aware of his psychological issues, always asking him about his wellbeing and giving him more medication. Eiji cringed at the thought of all of the pills he had to swallow every day. He knew that they were only forcing him to do so to keep him under their control, to make sure he wouldn’t tip over the edge of sanity.

Sighing loudly and tucking his book away, Eiji stretched his legs out and stared up at the clear blue sky. More than anything he wanted to be in the room with Yoriie. He wanted to listen to what the professionals had to say. Nothing but garbage…

Eiji jolted upright and turned his head when he heard the door open, Yoriie half twitching, half walking out of the door to stand in front of Eiji. “And?”

Yoriie flinched before whimpering down at Eiji who was still sitting with his legs stretched out over the ground. “N-nothing really… I mean… They said I-I’m okay and all. ‘Got more meds… for s-sleeping and stuff.”

Eiji watched Yoriie stutter and twitch as he spoke. He grabbed the belt across his chest and twisted it in his hands nervously. Eiji knew what this meant: the check up went badly. One of the head medics must have said something again…

He sighed loudly again and grabbed Yoriie’s hands to pull them away from his body and help him calm down. “What did they say this time?”

“W-what do you mean? I just told you…” Eiji narrowed his eyes and frowned. He scowled up at Yoriie, waiting for him to break under the pressure and spill his guts.

“Gah, fine! You win!” Eiji let his expression fall back into its usual apathetic gaze as he let go of Yoriie’s hands and waited for him to continue.

“O-one of the higher ups said I’m getting worse… He wants to put me in the hospital for observation soon…”

Eiji was up on his feet so fast it startled Yoriie, making him shriek as he stumbled backward. “What the hell is wrong with those idiots in there?!”

“E-Eiji! Don’t be so loud! They might hear you…”

“I don’t give a damn if they do or not! All they say is: ‘And how do you feel today? Mhm. Interesting! Here! Have so more colorful candies to feel better!’ They don’t even try to help you!”

“T-they do…”

“By sticking you in the hospital? They can’t do that to you or me! I won’t let them take you away from m-“ Eiji froze and cut himself off as he realized what almost came out of his mouth. He hoped that Yoriie was too dense to catch on to his last sentence. Luckily for him, Yoriie was staring at him like a scared, helpless animal left out in the rain. Eiji pressed a hand to his forehead as he sat down to calm himself.

“I’m sorry, Yoriie. I just don’t like what they are doing to you.” Yoriie continued to fidget in place, his shoulders tensed upwards.  His eyes darted around as he took in the sight of Eiji sitting down in front of him. Tentatively, Yoriie reached out and placed a hand on Eiji’s shoulder. “It’s okay…”

Eiji looked up, completely surprised by the small gesture. Yoriie wasn’t the one to initiate physical contact like he had done now. He wasn’t the type of person to be able to withstand the inner pressure of such intimate contact. Eiji had come to realize over the years that he was the only person, besides medics, that Yoriie allowed to touch him.

He let his expression soften as he looked up at Yoriie. “You know that I’m going to cure you, right?”

Yoriie felt his cheeks heat up as he flinched back from the question. It didn’t help that Eiji was staring at him with such a determined expression.  He pulled his hand away from Eiji and looked off to the side before nodding violently. Watching Yoriie’s cheeks turn crimson as he nodded made Eiji smile. He stood up and grabbed Yoriie’s arm before pulling him off into a random direction down the street.

“E-Eiji?! What are you doing? Where are you dragging me off to?”


Yoriie stared at Eiji’s hand around his wrist. “B-but it’s still early in the afternoon…”

Eiji stopped to turn around and look at Yoriie. “And?”

“And I don’t have any money…”

“So I’ll pay for you.”

“Y-you can’t do tha-“

“Yes, I can. Just think of it as a treat to make you feel better.”

“B-but… just being with y-you makes me feel better!”

Eiji ignored Yoriie’s excuses as he continued to pull him toward the center of the village.

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Eiji lied wide awake in his bed, staring up at the ceiling, his thoughts circling around Yoriie. Eiji knew that he was always concerned about Yoriie’s sanity right after a check up, but this time he was so worked up inwardly that he couldn’t relax. His tossing and turning phase had long passed along with his patience. He had already given up on sleep for that night.

He continued to wonder about Yoriie when his older stepsister came into the picture. How did she feel about Yoriie and his problems? How did she handle him on his bad days? Did she even worry about him in the first place? Eiji growled loudly as he grabbed the sides of his pillow and pulled them up to surround his head, trying to drown out his own conscious. Suddenly Yoriie’s flushed face ran through his mind at random, making Eiji’s arms drop back onto the mattress. He remembered how soft but fragile his pale skin felt against his palm as he healed Yoriie’s wounds. The sudden urge to mark that perfect skin reared its head again which made Eiji snarl at himself. No, he couldn’t do such a thing to his best friend. He needed to do the opposite; he needed to heal Eiji, to cure him. No matter what.

Eiji sighed as he pulled the covers up to his neck before forcing his eyes closed.

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It was early in the morning, before dawn, as Eiji jolted awake. He felt extra weight on his bed, making the mattress dip down farther than usual. Eiji looked up and saw Yoriie sitting at his feet with his legs crossed, wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts. His eyes were glued to the starry sky outside Eiji’s now open window.

Eiji opened his mouth to ask what Yoriie was doing in his room when he noticed Yoriie was completely still. Even the aura he gave off was one of complete calmness, something Eiji was definitely not used to. He continued to stare at him in amazement before Yoriie turned his head to look at Eiji. A faint smile ghosted over his features. “Sorry, Eiji. Couldn’t sleep…”

Being taken aback by Yoriie’s strange behavior, Eiji slowly nodded his head before softening his expression and whispering a reply. “When can you ever?”

Yoriie laughed to himself as Eiji sat up. He stared at Yoriie and knew that something was wrong. He put on his best ‘you-better-tell-me-what’s-up’ face and directed it toward Yoriie. Yoriie returned the look with a simple stare, trying to ignore the vibes he was getting from Eiji. Eiji kept his stern expression plastered to his face, seeing how it was taking effect on Yoriie until it made him snap. Yoriie blinked several times before whining. Before he could stop himself, tears ran down the sides of his face.

“Yoriie?!” Eiji panicked visibly as Yoriie’s shoulders shook with sobs. He brought up a hand to wipe at his face, but it was all in vain as the tears continue to spill, making Yoriie choke on his sobs as he tried to speak. He looked up at Eiji, trying several times to say his name before reaching out hesitantly toward Eiji. Eiji immediately grabbed Yoriie’s outstretched hand and pulled him forward, making Yoriie yelp as his face came in contact with Eiji’s chest. He paused for a moment before crawling closer to Eiji and wrapping his arms around his torso, burying his face into Eiji’s shoulder.
The two sat there in the middle of Eiji’s bed for some time; Yoriie crying to his heart’s content as Eiji ran his hand up and down Yoriie’s back for comfort while whispering to him that everything would be alright. Eiji drew his brows together in frustration, pondering over the cause of Yoriie’s breakdown. He knew if he asked he wouldn’t get a reply and if he did, it would be one that he didn’t want to hear. Eiji froze, stilling his movements as his mind clicked.

He’s keeping something from me…

All at once Eiji’s mind screamed at him to push Yoriie away and force him to spill his secret, but he stopped himself at the last moment. He knew if he put more pressure than what was already being stacked up on Yoriie, it would only make his condition worsen. That was the last thing he ever wanted to be the cause of.

Eiji continued his comforting motions as Yoriie calmed down. His tears had long stopped flowing, leaving Yoriie sitting half way on Eiji’s lap and gripping at the back of his shirt in a desperate hug. Eiji had decided that he would let whatever it was Yoriie was keeping from him go. Yoriie would surely tell him when he felt the time to be right.

Pressing his face into Yoriie’s neck, Eiji held onto to him tightly until the dawn broke.

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